Empress (II)

Notes from a Hermetic Conversation on August 16, 2016

Last meeting in attendance we had Richard, June, Dennis, Rosario, Phillip, and Jim.

After the Lord’s prayer, we contemplated the card.  The initial image that came was the eagle on the shield perhaps holding a gesture similar to the angel Gabriel:

– Iconographically this could also be seen as madonna with child and baptist.  Gabriel and John the Baptist could be playing a similar role, “announcing” the “by what right” of sacred magic.

– MOTT is Hermeticism as much as Tarot: a work of “explosion” through growth like the acorn

-What is magic?

-Art as former sacred magic devoid of mysticism

-Sacred magic in relationship to the vertical and horizontal

Mysticism upper point of vertical, gnosis lower point, sacred magic expansion from vertical into the horizontal

-Sacred magic and kamaloca | transformation of evil

This part of the conversation explored the connection of all healing events, whether through art, medicine, community, etc… to sacred magic.  Perhaps on a continuum comparable to forgetting, sleep, and death : where prior to actual sacred magic there are deeds and experiences of healing but of a lesser intensity.  Healing through natural processes, transformation through wise intervention, miracle through sacred magical to suggest one analogy.

Sacred Magic (with implicit mysticism and gnosis) connected to toil, suffering, and death.   Mysticism accomplished through toil, mastered when work becomes play. Gnosis is knowledge that goes beyond the abstract, in the 6th epoch “knowledge” of another’s suffering becomes a suffering of our own as well.  Sacred magic embodies the force of resurrection.

As always, please fill in any gaps or offer any corrections needed.

Thanks and look forward to seeing you all soon!