High Priestess (III)

Notes from a Hermetic Conversation from July 19, 2016

Tarot Study, 7/19

 June, Joel, Jim, Gail, Richard, Dennis, Phillip, and Rosario were present.  

Once again, we began with the Lord’s Prayer through the Chakras, the invocation from the beginning of the second Letter (“Wisdom has built her house…”), then silently dwelt with five or six different representations of the High Priestess.

The epigram on the 7 Pillars.  Reminiscent of the epilogue of Through the Eyes… vol III.  At Magdalene’s death, the events of the Passion were read from a book.  It was as though Mary and others were witnessing it once again.  The train of Mother Mary’s robes was the New Jerusalem.  City of the Grail.  She is the Architect of the City.  “City of the Assumption Body” – reminiscent of Divine Sophia.  Contained many souls within the train.

Does the meaning of the card/arcanum change over the course of time?

The relationship of the Archetype of this card to Holy Architecture.  Solomon’s Temple, Living architecture that is fourfold (YHVH) in a literal and spiritual sense (reflecting pools = gnosis).

The Magician speaks of Eternity.  The High Priestess brings in the element of time (reflection, 7 foldness, memory).

From Inner Development – the seven stages of the Passion are the 7 tones; 7 Pillars – 7 planetary stages.

Tomberg doesn’t just interpret the card from his own point of view, he “revelates” the living content of the card.

Hallowed be Thy Name (as we hallow each other’s Names) – honoring the treasure of the Personality.  Ideal for future Jupiter.  The Magician as First Arcanum in relation to the First Petition of the Lord’s Prayer.

Thy Kingdom Come – Nature perfectly reflecting the Spiritual. Ideal for future Venus.  The “reflecting pool,” the 7 Pillars of Creation – The High Priestess.  Nature will be ever-renewing, like the Resurrection Body.  Akin to Akashic Record – impress.  Train of Mary also akin to Akashic. The High Priestess as Second Arcanum in relation to the Second Petition of the Lord’s Prayer.

A Grail vision – Parzival visiting Kyot in Guilhem.  Becomes ill.  Monks care for him.  Healing of a wound is not enough – has to regain his strength, let go of impatience.  Spars with Kyot – mirroring his moves – ascertains character of Parzival.  This gives Parzival self-awareness, discovers new moves, able to come to a draw with Kyot.  One essence, two substances (similar to situation with Gawan, Ferfeiz).  Jacob wrestling the Angel.

Christian Yoga = unity via duality, not directly.

Priestess is a metamorphosis of the Magician (in contemplation).  Wielding forces becomes crystallization – alchemical precipitation.  

Magician = daring, creative activity (standing)

Becomes = gnosis, sitting vertical/horizontal.

They are both 2 different kinds of calm – passive in activity vs actively passive.

Abraham and Nicodemus = Night initiation of Water

Lazarus = Day Initiation of Fire (From JFSW for July 19)

Amfortas = burning flames, icy chains.

Shoots/stems on the ground of The Magician; Flower on the Crown of the High Priestess – Stem becomes Flower.  Mystical Touch becomes Gnostic Hearing.

Healing of the Man Born Blind – those who can see but cannot hear, those who can hear but cannot see.  Is she blind?  She offers the book for others, not herself.  Gaze of knowing.  The different modes of spiritual perception complete each other.

To Dare (Stand) becomes To Know (Sit).

Seeing one’s true Name reflected in the Grail.  Name written on the white stone.  The name only I can say.  Name = Manas; Grail = Gnosis (reflection of the Name).  Grail somehow connects the Mystical and Gnostic acts.

Magician = creative.  Lays out the whole process of the Tarot from the Mystical mode.  Essence.  The fundamental approach or activity required.

High Priestess = whole process of the Tarot from Gnostic Mode.  Substance. The fundamental conceptual content contained.  Synthesis in germinal form vs the 4th (Emperor):  synthesis described in a differentiated way (synthesis analyzed).

Our conversations weave and vacillate between these different modes – finding our footing.

1st four Arcana = YHVH = 1st four stages of evolution

Y                  Y

   H           H

       V    V

          H     The open book, reflection.

Sacred Magic (aligning our will with Divine Will) = only true path to the Good.

Devils also follow the law – they just induce others to break the law.  We have freedom.

All 4 types of creative activity exist on different planes (pantheism on the Mystical plane, emanation on the Gnostic plane, creation ex nihilo on the Magical plane, action in the Hermetic plane).  We must choose our approach, eg twofoldness and our understanding of it (enmity vs love).  We are free to decide how we do and know.  The Letter-meditations are the guide:  all things are not equal, it shows how things actually relate to each other.  

What about Christ?  MOT could seem too New Age?

It gives knowledge of the elements of choice involved in any choosing.  Thus, we know how to truly choose Christ.

Christ is a seed force in the book.  The seed disappears in order to become the plant, but permeates the entire plant.  So does Christ permeate MOT.  

Archetype of archetypes contains all ideas.  This is how MOT can be overflowing with archetypes/ideas.

Christ is a seed force in history, archetype is seed force for ideas.  

Archetype = possibility of manifestation.  Archetype of archetypes = possibility of possibilities.  Evil = possibility of impossibility.

Death and Resurrection.  Overcoming Evil is our Golgotha.

Creation ex nihilo vs Evil = undoing, annihilation = Nihilo ex creation.

Passing through impossibility/nothing.  We must create out of nothing or succumb to mechanization.  Sixth epoch.

Personality takes over the work of creation = original meaning of demiurge.  This is our still point of freedom.  Personalizing the Universal and freely embracing necessity out of love for it.

Conflict of choosing existence (I AM) vs choosing annihilation.  What about choosing self-annihilation for the sake of existence (sacrifice)?  Or annihilation of the other for the sake of self-existence?  Fourfold conflict (at least).