Seven of Cups (III)

Continuation of a Signal chat that took place over the course of some days amongst Joel, Natalia, Phillip and Sabrina…

April 11: Natalia was reading from Tomberg on the Beatitudes. What was interesting in connection with the 4th Beatitude: Blessed are those who hunger and thirst…is that he speaks of Righteousness and the Sacral Chakra. We connected this Beatitude with Justice and that is in correspondence with the Six of Cups yet again. 

The first 3 Beatitudes are the levels of Intuition, Inspiration, Imagination; they are also Wisdom (upper 3 chakras), Courage (heart Chakra), and Mindfulness (or Temperance, Solar Plexus chakra), coming to balance in Righteousness (or Justice) in the 4th Beatitude (Sacral Chakra, again a Six: the six petal lotus flower, Seal of Solomon).

Could the second part of the 4th Beatitude, “They shall be filled”, be The Sun, she wonders?

April 12:

Natalia was thinking of Sabrina mentioning Metatron and Sandalphon, and was remembering a book about angels by Theolyn Cortens she had only read some pages of (she bought it 4 years ago in Majorca, not far from the place of the Red Cross hospital where Tomberg died). This book is about the Tree of Life and those connections to the Archangels. She will try to have a closer look. But she thinks it would be very interesting to hear Sabrina’s own connections and experiences with these two Archangels? If she is willing to share.

“…God gave him a crown engraved with the holy letters YHVH. Metatron is sometimes called ‘The Lesser YHVH’”. Wow!

Joel wanted to throw out there in regards to the question of the Beatitudes and the Tarot—he doesn’t know if there is a concrete “this equals that” with the Tarot—maybe ever, about anything. They’re multivocal, they’re multivalent. He doesn’t know if there will ever be “the” answer of “this beatitude is this arcanum.” On the other hand, he thinks of what has emerged directly out of the Tarot themselves without him and Phillip looking for such a correspondence…we’ve found a natural correspondence between the Major Arcana and the Grail Knight’s Practice. Which he believes everyone in the group now has. The first part of the Grail Knight’s Practice which is for first petition of the Lord’s Prayer, “Hallowed be Thy Name” is the condensed essence of the Nine Beatitudes…for us that first spiritual exercise from the Grail Knight’s Practice goes with the first Arcanum, the Magician. So from one perspective you could say that The Magician is the embodiment of the Nine Beatitudes; he expresses all of them, as a whole.

On the other hand, he thinks the other place where they became concretely real for them was when they were working with the Coin Arcana. Especially the Numbered Coins, not so much the Court Coins, but the Ace through the Ten. We started to see the Coins as expressing this realm of spiritual exchange, spiritual currency. A currency of quality rather than quantity. And we started to realise that the Beatitudes are the “laws of spiritual exchange”, the laws of spiritual currency. Maybe you could find the Nine Beatitudes in the first nine Coin Arcana. And maybe the Tenth is “You are the Salt of the Earth” or something like that. In a way, come to think of it, it’s like there’s then a whole development after the Nine of Coins that has to take place until you finally get to the King of Swords and the Ace of Cups. And it was there that we really started to see “You are the Salt of the Earth and a City on a Hill.” It’s at that transition point from Swords to Cups that that flashed up quite naturally. So that’s a bit funnier…that you have the Numbered Coins as the Nine Beatitudes, and then this long process through the Court Coins and all the Swords before you finally get to “You are the Salt of the Earth and a City on a Hill.”

But then he also wonders if Natalia is familiar with this portion of the second volume of Hermetic Astrology, where he brings the Beatitudes and the other statements from the Sermon on the Mount in relation to the Signs of the Zodiac. So there you could have maybe the Signs of the Zodiac and the ruling planet of each Sign associated with the Beatitudes. And those are of course all expressed throughout the Tarot imagery from a certain recipe of Robert’s, so to speak. That could also be used as a kind of Template.

He also wanted to address Sabrina’s question about the Archangels on the Tree of Life. He did a little research into what is in this image that she sent. He thinks this is a pretty traditional designation in terms of Kabbala going back pretty far. Where Robert and/or Anthroposophy would differ here is they would use the Archangels and their planetary associations from Trithemius of Sponheim, so it’s different names for a number of these Archangels. So we’ll get to the question of Metatron and Sandalphon in a minute, but first he wants to look at the others. You have Gabriel with Yesod in association with the Moon. That would be the same as in Anthroposophy. Similarly Michael with Tiphareth and the Sun, that would also be the same, he’s assuming, as what would come out of Robert’s systematism.

Kabbalistic Version
Robert’s Designation

So continuing in what Sabrina sent, you have Raphael with Hod. That goes with Trithemius’s designation of Raphael as the Mercury Archangel. And Robert brings Mercury into relation with Hod which is on the left hip. Netzach, which is the right hip, Robert brings into relation with Venus. For Trithemius of Sponheim and Christian Esotericism, the Venus Archangel is Anael, and you see in this more Kabbalistic presentation it is spelled “Haniel.” So it is more or less the same name. Just spelled a little bit differently. The Kabbalistic names of these Archangels come from the Book of Enoch, as far as he understands it. 

Then going further up you have Kamael with Geburah, and you have Tzadkiel with Chesed. Now, those two are little bit different from what Robert would give. Kamael is the equivalent of Samael, the Mars Archangel. And Robert puts Mars elsewhere. This whole trinity of Sephiroth, with Tiphareth at the heart, Geburah at the left shoulder and Chesed at the right shoulder, he places all three of those under the sign of the Sun, so they would all be kind of Michaelic Sephiroth. Here in this more Kabbalistic form, you have Mars and Samael/Kamael at Geburah, the left shoulder. Tsadkiel is at the right shoulder, with Chesed; this is a different spelling or representation of the Jupiter Archangel, which is Zachariel in the Christian version.

So then, you come to these upper portions. So with Binah in the Kabbalistic version you have Tsaphkiel. Tsaphkiel is associated with Saturn…so that’s Oriphiel or Orphiel as the Christian Saturn Archangel. Robert has Saturn at the Crown with Kether. Not with Binah, the left side of the head. He has Mars with Binah and Jupiter with Chokmah, the right side of the head. Here it is Saturn with Binah, the left side of the head, so that’s different.

Then this other Archangel, Raziel…there’s no correspondence in the Christian Archangels. We’ve gone through the seven Archangels from Trithemius which is Gabriel, Raphael, Anael, Michael, Samael, Zachariel, and Oriphiel. So these other three are then different from what is in the Christian tradition. Raziel at Chokmah instead of Jupiter/Zachariel.

It looks like here in this image they’ve brought Raziel into relation with Uranus, but there would be no real tradition in that regard because Uranus was not known about back in the day. Then Metatron at the crown in associated with Neptune it would seem? And then at the very bottom, at Malkuth, it’s Sandalphon in association with the Earth. That is also different from Robert’s, he would put Saturn/Oriphiel at Kether at the Crown. But he too brings Earth into relation with Malkuth. Joel thinks he puts Moses as leader of the Ishim down at Malkuth. And then here in the Kabbala version you have Neptune/Metatron at the crown.

The interesting thing about Metatron is that in the Hebrew tradition, this is the name that was given to Enoch when Enoch became an Angel or Archangel. He didn’t die, he “walked with God.” Metatron therefore is another name for Enoch. According to Robert’s karma research, Enoch is the prior incarnation of Moses, Aristotle, Aquinas, Steiner. So Metatron here at the crown is the Moses individuality, in association with Neptune here, but he’s not sure how concrete that is. Then going down to Sandalphon, that is the Angelic or Archangelic title of Elijah, since he too did not die, he rode away in a flaming chariot. This individuality is Adam, Elijah, John the Baptist, Novalis, now incarnated with the name Rachel. What you have there then is the red pillar of Moses and the blue pillar of Elijah. Of Jachim and Boaz, which is traditionally represented with the Red on the left side of the human being, the blue on the right side. Left goes from above to below, and blue goes from below to above. It’s this whole cycle of the two halves of Earth evolution, Mars with the Red and Mercury with the Blue. One becoming solid and the other spiritualising. 

Here though instead of left and right, you have the crown and the feet. You have Moses at the crown and Elijah at the feet. So when Sabrina says that she feels a particular connection to these two beings, she is talking about Rudolf Steiner and the Novalis individuality. And from this particular representation of the Tree of Life you could think of the middle column as moving up and down, both directions. There you’re moving through Michael and Gabriel. Michael of course is much more associated with Rudolf Steiner, the Moses individuality, Anthroposophy. Gabriel is much more associated with Mary, the Divine Feminine, and the Novalis Individuality. You have Anthroposophy above and the work of the Sophia Foundation below, weaving back and forth in that middle column.

But you could also see it moving in a circle, where it moves from Rudolf Steiner above, down the left side of the human being which is Binah, Geburah, Hod, down to the feet, down to the Elijah/Novalis individuality, and then upwards again, up the right side of the human being from Netzach to Chesed to Chokmah and back to the crown. So you have this circular movement, moving down the left side and up the right side, but also a back and forth in the center of the human being. Which reminds Joel of a particular part of the Path to Shambhala that Luca describes in his offering to Starlight about his time spent in Assisi last summer. There is basically an exercise where you’re focusing on seven of the Sephiroth going in a circle, and the seven chakras going down the human being in the center (see pages 38-43 here:

So anyway, that was really fascinating for Joel to investigate a little bit, because he’s way more familiar with the Trithemius designation of Archangels, and he was unfamiliar with this more Kabbalistic one. Still for Joel this being of Raziel is a mystery…you have the seven Archangels here plus Moses and Elijah…who or what is Raziel? What’s interesting is, from what little he’s read about him, he’s the keeper of the secret knowledge which he offered to fallen humanity so that they could figure out what to do with themselves after they were expelled from the Garden of Eden. So he’s got a bit of a Prometheus role. He’s associated with Uranus here which is a very strongly Promethean planetary archetype. And then thinking of the Earth…one way of looking at the Tree of Life is that Malkuth used to be Daath, which kind of aligns with the larynx in the human being, and that is the stone that fell from heaven. The stone of the larynx fell from Daath, which is this perfect reflection or transmission of the Divine Wisdom of Kether. It fell down to Earth. The goal of Hermeticism is to resurrect Malkuth and bring it back to Daath. 

So there you could see Malkuth as both the Earth and Pluto maybe, in a way as the ultimate goal of evolution. Pluto as this very destructive, fallen force. And also thinking of Sandalphon there as Adam, the fallen Adam needs to be raised again to being Adam Kadmon. 

Joel guesses that maybe if you got Moses on the left and Elijah on the right, you’ve got the Jesus being in the center. So this Raziel could represent either the Krishna Avatar (the Nathan Jesus being) or Master Jesus (Zarathustra) as the guides and caretakers of humanity ever since they were expelled from Paradise. So then with this you have the seven Archangels along with these three primary guides of humanity so to speak. 

Natalia didn’t really recall that Robert brought the Beatitudes in Astrosophy, so thanks for the reminder…also interesting to hear about the Coins. And she remembers the King coming with the Salt of the Earth…and he was many times in her dream last week, so that makes a connection somehow. And yes, that the connections are always very mobile with the Tarot and Beatitudes, but also nice to become so aware of how these Beatitudes have the different sides, like a question and answer, and a process, to think how that flows.

And thanks Sabrina for bringing this image up, also what she brought with the Hebrew Letters…she’s been looking into the origins of the Hebrew Alphabet. She didn’t realise how strongly Hebrew letters are connected with ancient Egyptian and Phoenecian, and how much this is still connected to our alphabet. Really fascinating. They should teach this in school!

Joel also wanted to throw out there, since Natalia brought up the Platonic virtues and Beatitudes…they are pretty concretely there in the Tarot. The Platonic virtue of Wisdom is made up of the three priestly vows of Obedience, Poverty, Chastity, and they are represented in the Emperor, Pope, and Lover. So those three together are this virtue of Wisdom and the first Beatitude from a certain perspective.

As for the other three virtues of Courage, Temperance and Justice…the other word for Courage is Fortitude or Force. So Force, Temperance and Justice represent those three other virtues and the second, third and fourth Beatitudes from that point of view.

April 13:

Natalia shares representations of both the Platonic Virtues in the Tarot as well as the Astrosophical correspondences with the Beatitudes/Sermon on the Mount. When looking at the Zodiac in connection to the Beatitudes, it makes one think of them like the end result of the Tarot somehow, like the victorious side of each Zodiac development.

Sabrina points out that the Sephiroth Tree is equally multvocal, as the Tarot are. She then shares a bit of her experience with those two Archangels. With her spiritual teacher she uses yet another “system” which she would somehow bring into connection with the Sephiroth Tree. Actually, she likes to think of them as different “games.” Each game has certain rules and qualities and brings about something “whole.” So it’s important not to mix the rules of different games, but one can play different games at different times. 

Of course, the Archangels also have multi-vocal tasks.

She and her group meditate on 12 chakras and the corresponding (in this “game”) Archangels. Her teacher says the knowledge of this system has its origin in Atlantic times, and is yet transformed and appropriate for our time, or rather—that it’s crucial especially for these years to come.

The “lowest” chakra is reigned by Sandalphon and one imagines a triangle, starting from one’s feet—the point and the center of this “Chakra” is directing towards the Heart of the Mother. It helps one to be more grounded than ever, to develop the strongest roots one can imagine, and Sandalphon helps you in this.

She experienced him as a very tall, thin Archangel. The “heaviness” that one experiences is so assuring and helpful…just like a real anchor. It reminded her of the important “heaviness” that Christian Rosenkreuz had in the CW. Also, it brings you into contact with the realm of the Mother. She received so many strengthening forces through this exercise. She feels/sees golden glitter in her body when she does this, and such a warm breath/etheric force. “Another way of reaching Shambala,” she sometimes thinks.

Then the next 3 chakras—the root, the sacral, and an additional “navel” chakra are ruled by Gabriel.

The solar plexus is reigned by Uriel.

The heart by Chamuel.

The throat by Michael.

The third eye by Raphael.

The crown by Jophiel.

Then, an additional “chakra” over and a bit behind one’s head is reigned by Christiel. And another additional chakra is reigned by Mariel. And lastly, about 30 cm over your head, there is the chakra reigned by Metatron, who will “pass you his knowledge” when you’re rooted enough in his “twin” aspect, Sandalphon. 

With Metatron she has experienced what one can see on some Minor Tarot cards—the pillar of light, that streaming through one’s crown from above to below.

April 16:

Joel has a memory from a while back, sometime last year…Jim Wetmore has been working on a revised, proper English translation of the Lord’s Prayer Course which will hopefully come out sometime this year. But Joel remembers from some point last year when he was working on it, that he came across a portion of it where Tomberg is talking about how there are currently 7 chakras, but they will develop into 12 chakras in the future. He said that section was very mysterious, but didn’t say anymore about that. That’s Joel’s memory, but it could be wrong…perhaps it was something that Robert mentioned to him during a series of interviews he had with him while in Ecuador last year. He’ll try to double check on that with Jim. So it was interesting to hear something about 12 chakras again.

There’s a series of lectures that Steiner gave in 1916, under the title Riddles of Humanity, which is different than the book with the same title that came out in 1916. The book is more about great German and Austrian philosophers that were more or less contemporaneous with Rudolf Steiner. The lecture series is really where he lays out for the first time very systematically the 3 soul forces of thinking, feeling, and willing. He comes very close for the first time to connecting them to the physiology of head, breast, and limbs. And then 7 life processes, breathing, warming etc. Then 12 senses. So this kind of 3, 7, 12 picture. The ego would be a unity, the soul 3-fold, the ether body 7-fold, and then the physical body 12-fold with the senses. (See here:

But in the course of that lecture, as far as Joel remembers, he said it was different if you wanted to try to enter the consciousness of Old Moon. Back then we had no ego, and the soul more expressed itself as a unity, not as three-fold thinking, feeling and willing. And only three life processes and seven senses. So the human being has become more complicated. It has elaborated itself in the transition from Old Moon to the Earth Evolution. Perhaps if you went further back, you could say you only had one life process on Old Sun and three senses, and then on Old Saturn, you were one sense, a single sense organ, and that’s all that you were. Kind of this warmth/touch/hearing sense all combined in ancient Saturn.

So it made him think about this gesture of the one becoming three, and the three becoming seven, and the seven becoming twelve as we progress through evolution. And this would fit this picture of seven chakras becoming twelve chakras as we progress into Jupiter Evolution. You start to get this picture of say, dwelling in the Spirit Self, that’s where the unity will eventually exist. Then a three-fold Ego, and a 7-fold soul and a 12-fold ether body or something like that. But what Sabrina brought, and what I remembered vaguely from Jim’s comments and then this picture of the development of the human organism through different planetary phases from Rudolf Steiner, it all felt very woven together as a whole.

So Joel gets this real sense that what Sabrina is working with there is building the future, really something for the future. It’s not and can’t really be drawn from some previous tradition. It can build on one. But you’re kind of working with something that doesn’t even exist yet, potentizing something that is still germinating. Maybe it’s possible that from a certain point of view it really makes sense that you would have the Angelic or Archangelic versions or titles of Rudolf Steiner and Novalis as the two poles of this 12-fold organism of chakras, because in Jupiter Evolution they will have more or less evolved to that level. A Boddhisatva is an Archangel working at the level of a human being. So in their essence, Moses and Elijah are Archangels, but have sacrificed themselves to work on the human level. So maybe in Jupiter Evolution they can present themselves in their fullness, so to speak. So that’s Joel’s impression: Sabrina is building something for the future, that is only so accessible to certain groups and individuals.

One thing Joel realised that he didn’t include in the notes from the most recent Tarot Conversation that he and Phillip had…this whole form presented itself over the course of the conversation, and we only realised afterwards, but the form really came out of the Six of Cups. The Six of Cups has these three layers, really fully packed, yet everything is ordered. So this form seemed to grow right out of the Six of Cups organically.

Natalia shares her Hebrew studies in preparation for Sunday. We will be looking at the Seven of Cups in connection to the Hermit (Tet). She gives some explanations for the meaning of Tet…it sounds resonating somehow to Hermit, something of “Good” or “Hidden Good.”

Sabrina likes to know she has Natalia’s company in studying Hebrew. She doesn’t know anymore in this regard but, when thinking of “Shalom” today it came to her mind that “Rosa Mira” can be translated either with “Rose of the World” OR “Rose of Peace.” “Mir” means either world or peace in Russian. There is a similar word, “set”, which means world or light/holy. So somehow those words direct into the future!