Sun (I)

Tarot conversation 11-21-2017

The Sun

Phillip and Joel were present.

In lieu of our practice and conversation, it was necessary for Phillip to share a discord that existed between himself and Joel, a disharmony that Joel was not aware of. This led actually to a living experience of what had been discussed the previous week in regard to The Moon:  rather than allowing the intellect to grasp wildly at a solution to a crisis, simply allowing oneself to bear the crisis and suffering that the other person experiences. This led to the “upwelling of power” that was spoken of in the same context – the conversation ended with tearful embrace, with a true sharing of soul. As we stepped away from the embrace we looked down to see the image of the 19th Arcanum, The Sun, reflecting to us exactly what we had just enacted.

So, instead of a Tarot conversation, we enacted in living reality a transition from the conclusion of The Moon to the Arcanum of The Sun:  the Arcanum of Cooperation, and of Heart-Awakening.