Ten of Cups (I)

Notes of a Hermetic Conversation between Sabrina and Natalia on October 22, 2021

We first shared a bit of our lives. Then we decided to read the seven words from the cross and meditate on the mantra She Feels.
We started observing the Ten of Cups in silence.

Natalia: It’s almost a question which way to put the card, horizontal or vertical…

Sabrina: The big cup is not open, like small ones, it’s like it has a seal 

N: A sealed cup.

S: It reminds one of a Coin. And a Coin is like a shield (for Sabrina)

N: There is a very full feeling in this big cup.

S: The middle part is emphasized , there is a tightening in it

N: And this is probably the largest round upper part to any other cups in suit of Cups. (Later Natalia looked to the Two of Cups, which has very big cups as well. There is a differently formed cup part, more ” stripes” or ” slides” in the Ten but otherwise they are maybe as big).

We discussed about the middle part and decided to call it a “ring”, that part is totally different to all the other cups. (Natalia thought later on that maybe the Ace of Cups has something in relation to this, there are those 3 discs which have a bit of a dynamic interaction).

N: There is a bit of a funny picture coming up of a mother bird (the big cup) and its baby birds with mouths open wanting something to eat from their mother’s mouth!

S: The big cup seems to be levitating, and then there is a question of gravity.

N: It makes also an impression of a hot air balloon, flying in the sky. Also this intense middle “ring” part is almost like such “a fireplace” which makes the balloon rise by hot air. There is a more special way how the lower and upper part are formed in this big cup compared to all the “regular” cups.

Here Sabrina’s connection went off with phones and we could not contact anymore for that evening.
Natalia was waiting If the connection would build up again for Sabrina…and meanwhile she looked (and asked) for some more things by herself:

“Where did the Tenth cup come from? I can see that the plant formation has disappeared…but in a way all else is similar, nine small cups. But this seal on top of Tenth Cup has something which for me appears like a sort of flower and maybe seeds in it too. Has something of plant and cup merged and inside this Cup/Seal a new seed is showing? I could think of this black as a soil…maybe all of the plant got into soil where new seed shows itself. But really mysterious things are happening inside of this Cup. It could be also a tomb where resurrection is happening soon, all this levitating of it. The seal has flower/cross reminding one of a Rose Cross, so also death and resurrection image. Flowercross, crossflower…”

Natalia shared a few thoughts via What’s App messages to Sabrina. 
Natalia is not anymore sure what all she shared with Sabrina but it was for possible further conversation via What’s App.
Natalia also shared with Sabrina the connection of the Two, Seven and Ten of Cups with the Wheel of Fortune [Edit, from Joel—it is the Eight of Cups, not the Seven. Seven is connected to the Hermit]:

In later days Natalia was thinking about what reminds her a bit of this “seal” on the Tenth Cup, and in Ace of Cups there is something a bit in that direction: 3 red ovals with black in middle formation. Also some other formations remind her in a bit of a distant way of some formations in the Ace of Cups. Is there something coming together again in this Ten of Cups?
What are all these smaller nine Cups then? They are somehow a bit heavenly as there is no real background. Nine hierarchies and Father/Son Cup from where something could come out…
It feels there is a new level. More clear, less struggle, less ” astrality”.