Transition to the Court Swords

An invitation sent by email to recipients of the notes on the Ten of Swords on August 9, 2020

Dear Friends,
Here are the notes for the second conversation on the Ten of Swords and accompanying images.
This week we (finally!) come to the Court Arcana of the Swords.
A meditation in this regard:
We found in our work with the Majors that they were the path from conception (Magician) to the Saturn Sphere (The World).
We have kept in the back of our minds the image of the Minors as the path from the Midnight Hour to Conception.
Thus far we have experienced:
Numbered Coins (Ace – Ten) as the Midnight Hour/Sphere of Fixed Stars
Court Coins (Knave – King) as the Saturn Sphere
Numbered Swords (Ace – Ten) as the Jupiter Sphere
and now we will come to the
Court Swords (Knave – King) as the Mars Sphere
The following are some musical meditations to accompany these different sets of Arcana and heavenly spheres, adapted from the Beethoven music that Robert Powell selected for his Grail Celebration of “The Journey of the Soul into Incarnation”:
Midnight Hour/Sphere of Fixed Stars: Fantasia in C Minor, Op. 80 (1st and 2nd Movements in particular)
Saturn Sphere: Piano Concerto No. 3, Op. 37 (Largo)
Jupiter Sphere: “The Emperor” Piano Concerto No. 5 in Eb Major, Op. 37, 1st Movement
Mars Sphere: “Waldstein Sonata”, op. 53, 3rd Movement
(That last one is pretty great, eh?! Better buckle up for that Mars sphere…)
All the best,