Transition to the Suit of Cups

A celebratory message marking the transition out of the Swords and into the Cups from November 24, 2020:

Dear Friends,
Herewith the final conversation on the King of Swords! This is our bowing out of this harrowing yet ultimately rewarding Suit. As we exit the Swords, we leave the Spheres of Jupiter (Numbered Swords) and Mars (Court Swords) and come into the Sphere of the Sun with the Numbered Cups…we’ll celebrate this entry with the music for the journey through the Sun Sphere from the Sophia Grail Celebration of the Journey of the Soul into Incarnation; Beethoven’s Symphony no. 3 “Eroica”:

Really, it’s just the 4th movement of the above…but why not listen to the whole thing? 🙂
Blessings to all of you as we enter the Advent Season on Sunday!