Conversation—Part 1

Conversation—Part 2

Conversation—Part 3

Magician (from a friend in Finland)

My medicine man,

nature boy,

sunshine of my cloudy days.

So much in you

I wish I would be;



grounded and

in movement.

Inwardly active,

Inwardly peaceful.

Above all messiness

of unconscious turmoils.

You are leading me from above.

You touch me

in my moments of weakness.

With your magician wand

you turn me into harmony.

You lead me from my chaotic creations


what could be my potential

in any given moment.

“I am eternal flow

of positive possibilities.

I am giving a new meaning

for the shadows of psyche.

Turn on the lights!

I will be the light of your consciousness, so let there be light!

A new sunrise will happen to all things forgotten.

You will remember 

with me,

the game.

So, play and be genuine.

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